Government: Truxton Email Alerts

Add Your Email Address

In an effort to improve communications between the town board and residents and to notify residents of important issues that may be facing the town, without incurring the cost of postage and envelopes, we are offering to include you in group emails.  These emails will include agendas for our monthly meetings.  

If you would like to be included please send your email address to truxton@frontier.com, Subject: "INCLUDE ME in Truxton Email Alerts." If you wish not to be included in the email list you can still pick up any information emailed to the residents from the Town Clerk during regular office hours. You can also choose to be removed or added from/to the email list at any time.

Your email address will not be visible to anyone else when the town board sends out an email. Below we have included the rules for sending out an email from the town board. 

Email rules:

1.  List of email addresses shall be maintained by the Town Clerk.
2.  No board member shall have access to email addresses without approval from the rest of the board.
3.  Email list shall not be used for political/election campaigns or polling.
4.  Any email sent out to residents by the Town Clerk, other than the monthly board meeting agenda and approved meeting minutes, must be approved by a super majority vote (majority plus one votes).
5.  Emails shall not be sold or distributed to any private or public entity or government.
6.  Email list shall not be used as a voting tool on any topic; rather a tool for conveying information to residents only.