Truxton Academy Charter School

Truxton Academy Charter School

Where Futures Are Grown

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Imagine a public school where science and math are taught through project-based learning. Imagine a school where hands-on learning in a Rural Life Lab happens everyday, where Spanish language classes start in kindergarten, and where fresh, whole food lunches are served daily! Welcome to Truxton Academy. The new tuition-free public charter school welcomes students from Cortland, Madison, Onondaga, Tompkins, and surrounding counties. We are now accepting applications for children entering grades K thru 2 this Fall 2019. Reserve your children's spot today!

Charter schools are exciting because they are public, and therefore tuition-free, yet have more flexibility in how they operate. Charter schools have their own governing board of trustees that makes decisions for that one school, and not for an entire school district. This makes keeping what's best for that school the priority.

Truxton Academy Charter School will be the first rural Charter School in New York State. It is important to our community to share with our younger generations the true value of rural living and its place in our future.

Truxton Academy gives a warm welcome to students starting school for the first time, students from other public schools, and students from private schools, parochial schools, and homeschools.

Truxton Academy Charter School
6337 Academy Street, PO Box 104, Truxton, NY 13158
(607) 842-6252
Email: info@truxtonacademy.org

Visit our website to learn all about Truxton Academy Charter School: www.truxtonacademy.org

Board of Trustees and Founding Team

Our Board of Trustees meets at 7pm on the second Monday of every month at Truxton Academy Charter School, 6337 Academy Street, Truxton, NY 13158.  All are welcome.

Cindy Denkenberger, Board President

Stuart Young, Board Vice President

Korinne L’Hommedieu, Board Treasurer

Kyrsta Austen, Board Secretary

Elaine Sturges, Board Member

Beth Klein, Board Member

John Tillotson, Board Member

Tom Brown, Board Member

Kay Reakes, Founding Member

Patty Dawson, Founding Member

Lydia Aris-Brown, Founding Member